Sparrow's Tale
Music by Stephen Bloodsworth

In addition to the wonderful songs written by Stephen Bloodsworth and performed by Sparrow's Tale, Stephen has written many other songs that do not fall underneath the Sparrow's Tale umbrella—but do deserve to be heard.  So—take a listen!  Watch this site as more of his amazing tunes are posted here!  Thanks for being a fan!

To listen to any of the songs posted on this page, just click on the song title.

01.   Train
02.   Grace Of You
03.   Endless Summer Days
04.   Wonder And Awe
05.   Presence
06.   Equilibrium
07.   Fame
08.   Love
09.   Circle
10.   If It Was Me
11.   Down The Hall
12.   Piece Of Heaven
13.   The Rain
All songs written and recorded by Stephen Bloodsworth
Copyright © 2019 by Stephen Bloodsworth  All Rights Reserved
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