Sparrow's Tale
Music by Nancy Joie Wilkie

Nancy Joie Wilkie is also a songwriter and has released four collections under the Mindsongs Musique label.  Take a listen!  Watch this site as more of her original material becomes available.  Thanks for being a fan!

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Released June 2020

Aurillian Tales

(today's the day my God will bring)

Fourth Of July
(a song for my Dad and his day)

All Night Long (Celestial Fun)
(my heart so wants to go up skyward)

Released April 2019

Venus In The Trees

The Little Ones
(they love your soul so much)

Something New
(I've learned there's a child of God)

It's Not Clear (To Me)
(why the stars shine light so dear)

Released March 2017

Pauper Piper Princes

In This World Of Mine
(what must I pray on this special day)

Song Of The Sea
(a song for my Dad)

This Eternal Day
(what would you do ...)

Released February 2016

Meditations On The Day

(we're all always becoming)

The Lament
(I am here and you are there)

Day Of Light
(march of the Elves ...)

All songs written and recorded by Nancy Joie Wilkie
Copyright © 2016–2020 by Nancy Joie Wilkie  All Rights Reserved
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